End of Year Notes (Have a Great Summer!):

7/19/2023 1:45 pm


  • 📚 ✏️ Order School Supplies! Order securely online until Sunday, June 16th. School Supply Packs will be picked up at our back-to-school event at Wilson MS. For more details and to order click here

  • Wilson PTA Year At A Glance: As you know, Wilson provides school events and teacher appreciation throughout the year, but we do so much more! Take a look at our Year At A Glance to see all the things Wilson PTA does to support our school community! 

  • Teacher Favorites! Our PTA has compiled this handy spreadsheet of many of our Wilson teacher's favorite things to help you find the perfect gift! Click here to view.

Reminder to parents and caregivers:

  • Check out our latest PTA newsletter! We'll send them out monthly throughout the school year to keep you updated on all our events and activities.
  • Join the Wilson PTA: Membership opens end of July! Your support helps us build and maintain a strong Wilson community throughout the year. Click here for more details.
  • You may also make a donation to the Wilson PTA and/or Buy a Teacher lunch here
  • Plan on volunteering? (We'd love to have you!) Get a head start and fill out your volunteer form on Voly

The Latest Ram Review: Last Week of School:


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